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Mailbox issues surface one week after this headline... »

Sean Ludwig’s article entitled “Mailbox CEO says insane 380K person wait list kept app from crashing today” from VentureBeat:

“We’ve designed the system to be as redundant and fault-tolerant as possible and have done as much load testing ahead of time as we could conceive of doing without real users,” Underwood said. “The reason we didn’t just ‘switch it on,’ though, is because we don’t know what we don’t know. Even the most advanced services run into problems when they initially scale, and we wanted to maximize the chance that we could keep our service up.”

Once week later Mailbox is having server issues:

We’re currently seeing intermittent issues with our servers syncing mail. We’ve paused filling reservations so that we can focus on a fix. If you’re currently using Mailbox, you’re most likely seeing a message that says “Having trouble connecting, please try again soon.” Don’t worry, any messages that you take action on or any new emails you create should not be lost. Once we have resolved the issue your Mailbox will simply update and process all actions you’ve taken inside the app. The team is working on resolving this now, and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re filling reservations again. We hope to get things moving shortly. Thank you for your patience, The Mailbox Team

If you navigate to Gmail in your browser, you’ll notice their servers are up. It seems like that if Mailbox’s servers go down, there is no bypass put in place to let you access email like normal. Either way, This is a new product/service and issues happen. Hopefully we will see a resolution soon. It’s been down, for me, for about 3 hours now.