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Unsolicited Free Mass Advertising

Coca-Cola’s new ‘Share a Coke’ campaign is the most genius, free advertising that I’ve seen in a long time. The concept is simple; Coke bottle labels have been updated to display first names of people, group names, and nicknames.

That alone isn’t rather special, but the phenomenon is the amount of photos that I’ve seen shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook since the campaign has launched. It’s unsolicited free mass advertising and my hats off to whoever came up with it.

DC Comics Maps out Its Film Release Dates through the Year 2020 »

Along with moving Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice up from May to March 2016, DC Comics has ambitiously mapped out release dates for all of its future films through the year 2020. Unfortunately the films themselves were not announced.

Warner Bros. Pictures has now mapped out a massive schedule of DC Comics properties! They’re reporting that mystery DC Comics films are set for release on: August 5, 2016, June 23, 2017, November 11, 2017, March 23, 2018, July 27, 2018, April 5, 2019, June 14, 2019, April 3, 2020, and June 19, 2020,

They’ve also scheduled “event” films (i.e., not necessarily DC Comics related) for: November 16, 2018 and November 20, 2020.

People Still Pay AOL for Internet Access Even Though They Don't Have to »

I remember when my parents paid AOL for dial-up internet access throughout the 90’s into the early 00’s, but as soon as we got broadband I made them cancel because AOL wasn’t necessary anymore to get on the internet. They didn’t get it at first because AOL dominated the market for a decade and many thought it was what they needed to get onto the internet.

Fortunately for AOL, a lot of folks didn’t have a young nerd in their households telling them to cancel. Fast forward to today, Recode estimates that 2.3 million people are paying around twenty bucks a month for a service that is a thing of the past. This figure baffles me.

Stunning Black-And-White Photographs Of NYC Taken By A Young Stanley Kubrick »

While attending City College New York in the 1940s, Kubrick worked as a photographer for Look Magazine, chronicling life in the city.

His black-and-white shots of street life in New York City display early signs of the immaculate composition, lighting and balance that he would later come to be known for.

Incredible photography from a young talented Kubrick.

Push For Pizza [iTunes Link] »

Add a credit card number, allow the app to read your location, and push for pizza.

The simple premise for the new app Push For Pizza by Simple Food Solutions. You only put in your information once then If your are in the mood for pizza, you open the app, tap one single button, and it does the rest. Genius or ridiculous?

via The Verge

The Lives Behind Times Square Cartoon Characters »

But interviews with the men and women behind the masks reveal a fluid and loosely knit population of independent freelancers that has turned one New Jersey city into an enclave of Mickey Mouses and Sheriff Woodys and supported a brisk trade in Peruvian-made costumes. But it has also been unsettled by low-level tension, pitting fluffy cartoon characters against sleek superheroes.

Most of the performers are immigrants and many of them are undocumented, living hand-to-mouth while trying to negotiate a fraught relationship with the police and support families in the United States and in their home countries.

Living in New York City, I try to avoid 34th and 42nd street only visiting those locations when I have to. Luckily I work in lower Manhattan so I only go midtown for a concert at MSG, a Broadway play, and during the holiday season.

I’ve encountered these people in knock-off costumes of cartoon characters and superheroes a lot over the past years and it has become a nuisance walking through certain sidewalks and other cordoned off areas where the tourist congestion is at full capacity.

The Times has profiled the people behind the masks and even if you haven’t visited NYC, it’s an interesting look into the daily lives of mostly undocumented workers.

via Joanna Stern

Adam Savage Spent Ten Years Creating a Replica Alien Suit to Wear Incognito at Comic-Con »

Ever [SIC] year, Adam Savage walks the floor of Comic-Con incognito, hidden in plain view wearing one of his elaborate cosplay costumes. This year, Adam debuts a costume he has been working on for almost a decade: a perfect replica of the environmental space suit from Ridley Scott’s Alien!

Adam Savage is one of the coolest nerds out there. I’d also recommend you take a look at his amazing creation cave.

Clickbait »

BuzzFeed posted a lengthy article about clickbait and the Twitter account @SavedYouAClick that I found out about a month ago.

Let me save you the long read by summarizing: Clickbait isn’t going anywhere. The revenue generated by these articles is so much that we will not see its demise any time soon

Welcome to the Family »

Today we are excited to officially welcome Beats Music and Beats Electronics to the Apple family. Music has always held a special place in our hearts, and we’re thrilled to join forces with a group of people who love it as much as we do. Beats cofounders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre have created beautiful products that have helped millions of people deepen their connection to music. We’re delighted to be working with the team to elevate that experience even further. And we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

I particularly love the pair of all white Beats that is on the Beats by Dre homepage and the statement that goes along with it.

Musicians rely on their instruments to give structure and form to their imagination. At the dawn of digital recording, the Macintosh computer was the instrument of choice. At the beginning of portable digital music, the iPod placed the library of the world’s music in your pocket. The iPhone became not only an instrument for music but also the center of your connected life. The iPad extended this capability with a user interface and apps that allowed you to compose a symphony on the subway. Starting today, we at Beats are fortunate to add our instrument to this legacy by joining Apple. The products we build together will allow us to reimagine sound once again and to continue this great tradition of bringing imagination to life.

Nature's Grill: Cooking a Ribeye to Perfection with Lava »

Sarah Cascone of artnet:

Bompas & Parr enlisted Syracuse University professor Robert Wysock, whose improbable—yet awesome—specialty is artificially manufacturing lava, to conduct a sizzling 2,100° cookout over of a stream of molten liquid pouring out of an industrial bronze furnace. The grill was placed over a specially-designed rig lined with dry ice, with a spout to catch the lava overflow, and a hazmat suit-like get-up for the brave grill-master.

It cooked as soon as they laid it on the grill. Mesmerizing.

Wunderlist 3 »

I stopped using Wunderlist partially due to its old design language, but I’ve always thought it was one of the more unique and solid to-do apps. Today, Wunderlist goes 3.0 with a refreshed design and if you are in need of an app that’s available on virtually any platform, this is your choice.