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Recently, I found out about an artist by the name of James Blake. I’ve been listening to his latest LP release Overgrown on repeat and I can’t get over how original and musically genius it is. His vocals alone could cut through a crowd of thousands.

The entire album front to back is owed a listen to with headphones on. You might already know his most popular song “Retrograde” which has been featured on the televisions shows Suits and The Leftovers.

The Blogger’s Handbook of 2014

The blog has become an interesting monster. With more and more people blogging each day, the attention of readers is stretched thin. I deal with this issue every single day. I feel that I post enough interesting content each month that it should be seen by more people, but it doesn’t work that way in 2014. To just naturally build up readership today is an uphill battle where its hilltop is unreachable. In 2002, there was only a small fraction of people blogging compared to today’s numbers. Most of the barriers to entry broke down once technology advanced, but how does one get their voice heard though the crowded millions? Writing and posting consistently isn’t enough.

Getting linked by someone with a bigger following sure helps, but in my experience doesn’t retain as many readers per page view that you received from it. There are times where I’ve linked to something and someone more established links to the same content later and is being praised for their curation of the web. Sure, if I was in my twenties ten years ago, I’d definitely have a better chance in gaining readership, but discovery is not the same anymore. It’s a pain in the ass and it’s not going to get any better. I respect and am happy for bloggers who have started in this medium early, but how does it all work now?

I love posting here. I plan on continuing not because five people may read this, but because I love to do it. Just sometimes I wish more people would see it. It only gets me down for a moment, but I soldier on. I hope this doesn’t come off whiny because that is not my intention. My intention is to find out what it takes to have a steady readership on a blog in 2014 and maybe there is no handbook, but if I have to write it myself — I will.

Dear Instagram »

We’ve seen the rumors. You’re about to launch a one-touch photo messaging app to rival Snapchat. And we sincerely hope it’s a spectacular success.

There’s just one problem: you’re going to name it Bolt.

We have seen this same issue before from Facebook when they released the Paper app even though the popular drawing application by Fifty Three was already established. If Bolt by Instagram is a real thing, this could get very interesting.

Nic Cage, Kevin Smith, Tim Burton, and a Superman Film That Wasn't »

An upcoming documentary titled The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? explores the development of a late 90’s Superman film that was being written by Kevin Smith, directed by Tim Burton, and the lead part being played by Nic Cage.

From the first trailer, it looks like they were pretty far into pre-production and if released would have been a huge departure from any past Superman film that had come out.

The documentary is almost finished, but the team behind it needs an extra $85,000 for legal fees and post production. They are using a service called FanBacked to try an raise enough money to tell its story of the movie that never happened.

via The Verge

The New Typewriter »

MG Siegler on why the iPad is so great for writing:

It’s the best of both worlds in many ways. It has the benefits of correction, with the benefits of focus. And it’s decidedly portable. It may be the perfect writing machine.

I couldn’t agree more; I use my iPad Air along with an app called Writing Kit and it is the perfect setup for me. Putting on Do No Disturb mode and having one single app open has helped me focus a lot more when writing. Unlike MG’s setup, I like to type directly on the display. I’ve found that I can type almost as fast as I do on a standard Apple keyboard. I use the Vuscape Protective Cover Stand by Targus to help me get the iPad at a comfortable angle.

Welcome to the Future »

The Verge at its best is a window into the future — the future of technology, design, science, and culture. That’s the vision we had for the site when we launched it in 2011, and it’s the vision now.

Nilay Patel’s first piece as editor-in-chief.

Josh Topolsky of The Verge Is Joining Bloomberg »

Josh Topolsky, the co-founder of the technology website The Verge, will join Bloomberg as the editor of a series of new online ventures it is introducing as part of a revamped journalism strategy.

According to Ravi Somaiya, Nilay Patel, who just recently moved to Vox, will be moving back to be editor-in-chief and Dieter Bohn will move into an executive editor position.

The Demise of the Pen »

After backtracking to figure out when I last saw a pen in the house, I realized it had been more than two months.

While my home is filled with multiple laptops, smartphones, tablets and other Internet-connected devices, there isn’t a single pen to be found. No ballpoint, fountain or rollerball. No highlighter, marker or even an itty bitty nub of a pencil.

A fantastic Op-ed by Nick Bilton.

Seinfeld Emoji Have Come to iPhone -- Sort of »

Emoji - Seinfeld Edition [iTunes Link] is a new iPhone app that brings one of my favorite shows of all time in emoji form. The only caveat is that once you’ve typed out your emoji message, you can only share it as a picture.

To get a closer look at all of the emojis you can send, visit their site. The emojis span from the main cast to a Blu-Ray disc of Rochelle Rochelle. When iOS 8 allows third party keyboards, I look forward to the possibility of seeing this.

PS - Have I mentioned that I host a Seinfeld podcast?

OS X Yosemite Beta Program »

Be sure that your Mac is running OS X Mavericks. If you don’t have OS X Mavericks, you can download it free from the Mac App Store. We recommend installing OS X Yosemite Beta on a secondary Mac, since it may contain errors or inaccuracies. Please be sure to back up your Mac using Time Machine before you install the beta. This is beta software that is still in development, which means some applications and services may not work as expected. Some features require iOS 8, which is not being offered as part of the OS X Beta Program.

Now that you’ve read the above, if you are ready to take the plunge into Yosemite, take a look at Christina Warren’s preview of the new operating system coming this fall.

Meet JIBO »

On July 16, a new Indiegogo campaign launched touting a family robot named JIBO. JIBO was created by MIT professor Dr. Cynthia Breazeal and if you watch the video below, the concept seems so futuristic that it couldn’t be close to production —yet it is.

For backers who pay $499, JIBO is expected to be released by holiday season 2015. Its public debut is slated for early 2016 and if that video seemed to go to be true, check out Dr. Breazeal’s interaction with a prototype JIBO below.