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My First iPod (and Apple Product)

After hearing about the news that the iPod Classic will no longer be sold, it had gotten me reminiscing about the click wheel era and how it’s coming to an end. But it had also gotten me thinking about the first iPod that I owned which happened to be my first Apple product.

I knew about the iPod for a while before I could get my own. I remember the first time I interacted with one. It was a 1st generation (rev 1) iPod that my friend’s father just purchased. It was inside of a black leather case and when I ran my thumb across the click wheel, it felt like performing a magic trick over and over again. I was probably around twelve-years old at the time, but old enough to appreciate the expensive new MP3 player from Apple. One that I knew I wanted and a company that I now was interested in.

By 2004, the iPod gained even more popularity and some friends with well-off parents were starting to get their own iPods to bring to school. Also, broadband internet was on the rise and downloading MP3’s was an after school pastime. I settled for a Dell Pocket DJ which held 5 GBs of music for a reasonable price that a sixteen-year old part-time buss boy could afford. It got the job done, but it was clear to me that the DJ wasn’t as elegant or as fast as an iPod. I knew it was only a matter of time that I would get my hands on one of them.

Now that the iPod was getting more mainstream attention, I had more vested interest in what Apple was doing. The first keynote that I remember watching was in October 2005. They were expected to release new iPods and since there was no such thing as internet connectivity in your pocket while at school, I remember getting off the school bus and rushing inside to log onto and see what was on its home page. It was the iPod Video; or at least that’s what I called it. Technically it was just called the iPod 5th generation, but when Steve Jobs unveiled it to the world, it was a dramatic redesign over its predecessors.

Watch its unveiling around 22 minutes into the keynote:

I was blown away by the announcement and marveled at the keynote presentation. The iPod Video was gorgeous and I had to have it for myself. And ultimately I did get it. It came with a carrying slip cover and earbuds. That iPod never left my side. I spent countless hours listening to my favorite music and marveling over this great piece of machinery I had in my hands. It truly was the start of a love affair between me and Apple.

Though technology advanced very fast. The iPhone and iPod Touch soon became the new top contenders and the iPod all of sudden became a true classic. We all knew the click wheel was going to see its last day — It was inevitable. We just didn’t know when it would be. It’s truly an end of an era. One that I am just glad I was a part of it. Redesigned »

With all of the announcements made on September 9th, something like a site redesign may have been overlooked if you aren’t one to keep up with web design trends. Apple’s full site redesign that launched after the keynote stood out to me and was something that I really wanted them to do for a long time. Its adaptive site looks amazing on any device and the compare iPhone models page in particular has a beautiful layout. If you haven’t already, I would recommend browsing around.

Tweetbot Negligence

I love Tweetbot; Well, loved it. It’s a great third party Twitter client and I’ve been a user of it for years. It has a unique design and uses clever ways to keep me away from the terrible stock Twitter app. There’s only one issue; Tapbots, its developers, have neglected the iPad app and didn’t even redesign it for iOS 7 last year. We barely got an iPhone redesign a couple of months after iOS 7’s release.

The app still functions on the iPad, but every other single app on my devices have been at least updated past the iOS 6 interface. With iOS 8 around the corner, I can’t do it anymore. I’m now using Twitterrific which has progressed a lot further since I’ve last tried it. It now utilizes the streaming API and syncs my reading position more accurately than it did in prior use. The iconfactory have been speedy with their updates which is a plus for their users and seem to value all iOS devices.

With using my iPad as a main device, it’s important to have a consistent experience alongside my iPhone. I’m going to stick with Twitterrific for the foreseeable future and maybe one day Tweebot for iPad will return to the quality that I expected more than a year ago.

The Extra Point »

The Extra Point is a new American football blog by Joe Arico that has launched with its first post just in time for the NFL regular season. Joe is a close friend of mine and I trust his insights on sports more than anyone else I know. His unique approach, background, and seasoned writing style makes it joy to read.

I think this part of the about page sums up the site pretty nicely:

We know there are plenty of places you can go to read and hear people’s points and opinions on sports, so getting another may not seem necessary. But just like in a football game that ends 31-30, sometimes getting that one extra point can make all the difference.

The Anti-Dentites — The Cameos »

This week, Joe and Matt discuss all of the cameo appearances over the course of the series including Jon Voight, Marisa Tomei, Bette Midler, Keith Hernandez, Paul O’Neill, Derek Jeter, and much more. Also, they talk about Jason Alexander retweeting the link to the show and Seinfeld at the Emmy’s.